RIP Mom! I love you so much!!!

RIP Mom! I love you so much!!!

Sadly, my mother passed away suddenly on Sunday, September 5th. I loved her so much! She was a hero! I am who I am because of my mother and I want the world to know how much she cared and loved others. My family and I are grieving her loss and are in the process of making funeral arrangements. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers and thank you to all those who have reached out with your love and support.

May God bless you all!

Love, Sandra.


  1. Terry

    I met your mom only for afew hrs, but I felt like Ihad known her for ever. She stared at me for a while until finally told me I looked just like her daughter. She touched me, Please know that I mourn with you and your family. Rest in peace mama

  2. Kadidja

    Hello Sandra my name is kadidja but i go by kady and i’m from the Central African Republic! We might not know each other but i think i know you a bit through your bio. I’m really sorry about your mother’s may her soul rest in peace. Hope you and the rest of your family are doing better.


  3. Kaka

    please receive my heartmost condolences to you and your family, amsure she is in a better place. RIP and may your soul be blessed.

  4. Joe

    Habari ya leo Sandra. Was reading your feature in kenya and decided to visit your website to offer my support. Truly sorry for your loss but i realize u are a strong girl. Let God give u strength and courage and I wish you luck in your future endeavours.

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