I vow to stay fit, you should too!

I vow to stay fit, you should too!

Most people think of fitness as having good health and being physically fit. I believe that in order to be a well-rounded person, one not only has to be physically fit, but also mentally and emotionally fit. It is not easy and I am constantly faced with temptations but I think the more that you control yourself, the more it becomes a routine.

Physical Fitness

Exercising will lower your chances of getting sick, and once you make it a habit, it will only benefit you in the future. I enjoy going to the gym, but there are times that I can’t make it due to my busy schedule. Joining a sports team or registering for a fitness class would make it easier to commit to staying active. I have noticed that, whenever I am surrounded by peers’, working out becomes less of a chore.

Mental Fitness

Advertisements do a good job of persuading us to eat unhealthy foods but I think it is important to speak to yourself when faced with temptations. Especially when out at a restaurant with friends and the menu has little to no healthy choices, we feel pressured to eat unhealthy foods. It is ok to splurge once in a while without making it a habit. Cooking meals at home is healthier for you. I love cooking and I try to do it as often as I can. I like that I can make a fabulous meal suited to my taste without having to go to a restaurant. Mental Fitness is also the ability to exercise your mind by reading books and learning as much as you can through your everyday experiences.

Emotional Fitnes

When I am depressed or having a bad day, I tend to eat more than I usually would. I am definitely an emotional eater, and it is harder for me to keep fit when I am going through a tough situation. I think that the best way to deal with emotional eating is to keep busy, whether it is listening to music, taking a walk or eating carrots instead of chips.

You deserve to be fit!

Fitness is a full- time job, and it requires continuous work and commitment in order to maintain or reach a desired weight. Fitness prevents diseases such as diabetes and strokes. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies by not only making healthy food choices but also staying active and not letting pressure from the media or our emotions control what we eat. At the end of the day, its all about having self-confidence! One does not have to be extremely thin or have muscles the size of a bodybuilder, but being healthy and happy is what counts. Physical, Mental and Emotional fitness lead to happiness. I vow to stay fit, you should too!

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